Cable Hoist

Cable Hoist - BMINI series

Bear Claw® BMINI Series

This electric Cable Hoist is designed for portable or remote applications and can be used for single or double-line lifting applications. This unit has a cable length of 36' when used as a single line or 18' when used as a double line. The series features up to a 400-lb. capacity when used with a double line.
Starting at: $213.28

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Product Details

  • Power: Includes electric motor and handle held push button control operation for ease of use.
  • Weight: Units are either 36 or 48 lbs.
  • Operation: Cable Hoist operates on 115V AC power. The mounting bracket for the Cable Hoist will attach to either 1-5/8" round pipe or 1-5/8" square tubing.
  • Capacity: The BMINI-2 has a single-line capacity of 100 lbs. and a double-line capacity of 200 lbs. The BMINI-4 has a 200-lb. single-line capacity and a 400-lb. double-line capacity.
  • Options: When using the Cable Hoist with a trolley (trolley not included), an optional swivel hook plate must be ordered. The optional swivel hook plate that needs to be ordered when attaching to a standard trolley is part no: BMINI-SH.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Bear Claw® Cable Hoist - BMINI Series
Model No. Cable Length Foot per Minute Single-Line Capacity (LBS) Double-Line Capacity (LBS) Voltage Operation Voltage Price
1) BMINI-2 36' single or 18' double 30' 100 200 Push Button 110V   $213.28
2) BMINI-4 36' single or 18' double 30' 200 400 Push Button 110V   $306.46
Model No. Description Price
3) BMINI-SH Swivel Hook for Attaching to Standard Trolley $195.30

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