Language Converters

Language Converter

Translate specific text phrases from one language to another language.

Website Language Converter

Translate this website or any other website to another language.

Mathematical Converters

Mathematical Converter

These interactive pages make conversions between different unit measurements, both metric and english.

Converts the following -> Area / Length / Temperature / Time / Volume / Weight.

Currency Converters

Currency Converter

This Currency Converter link is provided for our International Customers.

Converts the following monetary funds into US Dollars - Euro, Dollars, Francs, Yen, Deutsche Marks, Pounds, Lira, Pesos, Guilders, Markka, Shillings, Real, Lev, Yuan Renmimbi, Kroner, Drachmas, Forint, Rupiah, Punt, Dinar, Won, Ringgit, Ounces, Zloty, Escudo, Leu, Riyal, Rand, Pesetas, Baht, Bolivar, Kwacha and Rupees.

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