When Beacon® started, it specialized in shipping and loading systems, cargo handlers, hydraulic dock levelers, scissor lifts, machinery and palletizers. Since then, Beacon® has widened its product offering to include many types of engineering , building construction and other special industrial material handling equipment. Over the years, Beacon® has grown into a fully diversified ergonomic material handling equipment company, including logistical science.

We provide some of the most diverse product selections available on the market today. Standard or special design-to-build core products can be modified to fit your desired application. Working with some of the latest technology, our equipment can be incorporated seamlessly into your line of operations when needed, including, but not limited to, ready for PLC operations.

Doing business with a number of international governments and Fortune 500 corporations, Beacon® has built its business model on offering value added to standard or design to build core products. We can work directly with you and your bank all the way through financial procedures and specification. In addition, Beacon® can bring your product to mass production and ship it to most locations worldwide. Making delivery simple and quick is one of our many specialties. Our experts are able to help you beyond the purchasing phase, granting equipment installation assistance on-site and over the phone in select areas.

Our affiliate company, Beacon Micro®, provides solutions for asset tracking with the logistical science, includes state of the art Cellular, GPS, RFID and Bluetooth. Cellular in conjunction with GPS is emerging as a cost efficient method for dynamic or static asset tracking. RFID, Radio Frequency Identification can be used with Cellular or GPS or both. Bluetooth can be utilized as an automatic short static read range. Logistical RFID or Bluetooth bar-coding, can also provide real time visibility. Bulk scanning, without the human element, is possible with RFID and Cellular or RFID and Bluetooth . All data collected through the Cellular, GPS RFID or Bluetooth process can be viewed at any time via the intranet or internet. US Patents include "Loading Dock Traffic Automation" (patent No. 6812849) and another US Patent entitled "Property Entrance and Exit Notification Inventory Control System" (patent No. 7333016) that includes RFID, SAW, Barcode, Electromagnetic Wave and GPS technologies. Both US Patents cover a wide spectrum of logistical science for zone monitoring including indexing objects for attributes and location.

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