Pallet Strapping Cart

Beacon® BSTRAP-PS series

This Pallet Strapping Cart is manufactured for use of steel and poly strapping. This portable strapping cart comes standard with either hard rubber wheels or plastic wheels.
Starting at: $277.84

Product Details

  • Construction: Pallet Strapping Cart is manufactured with steel tubing frame, powder coated, with (2) two 8” x 2” hard rubber wheels for transport and mobility.
  • Size: Overall size of the BSTRAP-PS-HD model is 24-7/8” x 20-1/2” x 43” and the BSTRAP-PS-P is 18-1/2” x 20” x 38”.
  • Usage: Utilized at the end of production lines to package and strap goods.
  • Operation: Model BSTRAP-PS-HD features multi-tier discs for use with steel and poly strapping core sizes of 16” x 3”, 16” x 6”, and 8” x 8”. Model BSTRAP-PS-P is lightweight with plastic disc and integral tool tray. Designed for 8” x 8” poly strapping.
  • Options: Poly and steel strapping sold separately.
  • Materials: Pallet Strapping Cart accepts both Poly and Steel strapping.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


Pallet Strapping Cart - BSTRAP-PS series
Model# Acceptable Strapping Overall Size (W x D x H) Price
1) BSTRAP-PS-HD STEEL & POLY 24-7/8"x20-½"x43" $283.11
Pallet Strapping Cart - BSTRAP-PS
Model# Acceptable Strapping Overall Size (W x D x H) Price
2) BSTRAP-PS-P POLY 18-½"x20"x38" $277.84

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