Short Pallet Truck

Short Pallet Truck - Wheel Nose Pallet Jack - BPM5 series

Beacon® BPM5-WN Series

The Short Pallet Truck - Wheel Nose Pallet Jack is designed to position skids or pallets close together, enabling truck and floor space to be optimized. They feature a 3-position lever designed to ease maneuvering. The fork end is set back from the front, allowing 1 pallet to be picked up at a time. Units include 2 front load rollers and 2 articulating steering wheels. The unit includes a spring-loaded handle that automatically moves back to the vertical position when not being used.
Starting at: $501.31

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Product Details

  • Size: Models have an overall fork size of 20" wide x 38" long or 27" wide x 38" long.
  • Service Range: These units have a service range of 3-1/2" to 8".
  • Weight: 260 or 280 lbs.
  • Note: An emergency stop button kit and web lanyard with safety harness is included.
  • Capacity: The Short Pallet Truck has a capacity of 5,000 lbs.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Short Pallet Truck - BPM5-WN Series
Model No. Capacity (LBS) Overall Fork Dimensions Service Range Price
1) BPM5-2038-WN 5,000 20"Wx38"L 3½"-8" $501.31
2) BPM5-2738-WN 5,000 27"Wx38"L 3½"-8" $521.23

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