Low Profile Rack Guards

Low Profile Rack Guards - Steel Rack Protector - BNPG series

Beacon® BNPG Series

The Low Profile Rack Guards - Steel Rack Protector protect pallet racking and wall corners against damage from pallet trucks, fork trucks, and carts. They may be used indoors or outdoors to protect personnel as well as valuable pallets, racking, products, and machinery.
Starting at: $39.30

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Product Details

  • Construction: These units feature heavy-duty welded steel construction. All of this unit's components are laser cut.
  • Size: Models are available with an overall height of 12", 18", 24" or 36" with a usable opening of 4-1/4" or 6-1/4" wide x 1" deep and a base plate size of 8" or 10" wide x 3" deep.
  • Color: Low Profile Rack Guards are powder coated Beacon safety yellow.
  • Weight: Units weigh between 5 and 20 lbs.
  • Operation: Units feature 2-hole installation for installation in half the time of most other guards.
  • Options: The Low Profile Rack Guards anchor mounting kit is sold separately in either single units or packs of four.
  • Surcharge: Due to supply chain disruption, inflation or material shortages - tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing. Some longer lead times may be incurred. Freight charges will be added to published pricing.



Low Profile Rack Guards - BNPG Series
Model No. Overall Height Useable Opening (W x D) Overall Base (W x D) Price
1) BNPG4-12 11.875" 4¼"x1" 8"x3" $39.30
2) BNPG4-18 17.875" 4¼"x1" 8"x3" $41.95
3) BNPG4-24 23.875" 4¼"x1" 8"x3" $47.03
4) BNPG4-36 35.875" 4¼"x1" 8"x3" $73.69
5) BNPG6-12 11.875" 6¼"x1" 10"x3" $43.06
6) BNPG6-18 17.875" 6¼"x1" 10"x3" $49.53
7) BNPG6-24 23.875" 6¼"x1" 10"x3" $57.11
8) BNPG6-36 35.875" 6¼"x1" 10"x3" $77.48
Model No. Description Sleeve Diameter Overall Length Sleeve Length For Use With Price
9) BAS-125 Concrete Anchor Bolts Installation Hardware (Single) ½" 5½" 3" BNPG4 and BNPG6 series $11.42
10) BAS-125-4PK Concrete Anchor Bolts Installation Hardware (4-Pack) ½" 5½" 3" BNPG4 and BNPG6 series $21.60

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