Small Scissor Lift

Small Scissor Lift - Table Lift - BCDL Series

Beacon® BCDL Series

The high-speed Small Scissor Lift technology is an electro-hydraulic unit that raises work materials to an ergonomically proper height for the worker. This Table Lift is supplied with standard straight toe guards for surface mounting. If pit mounting is required, please specify when ordering, and tapered toe guards will be supplied at no charge. Call Beacon for optional electric toe guard pricing. The unit also has degreased surfaces that are oxide-primed and finished with 2 enamel coats.
Starting at: $5,939.94

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Product Details

  • Construction: Each unit features steel construction.
  • Projection: For optional beveled toe guards add 8" to the width and length. For optional straight toe guards with electric toe guard tape switch add 4" to the width and length. Specify the option during quoting for special pricing.
  • Size: This series has a standard platform size of 18" x 36" and a maximum platform size of 30" x 60". The base frame is 18" x 36."
  • Service Range: The unit has a service range from 7" to 43".
  • Installation: Surface or pit mount will end up with different overall heights. The three vertical geometric properties to be aware of is the (1) Lowered height (2) Travel (3) Overall height. When mounting in a pit, your travel will end up as your overall height.
  • Weight: The models come in shipping weights of 250, 295, 320, or 340 lbs.
  • Capacity: Models feature capacities of up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Standard: The Small Scissor Lift comes standard with a 10' power cord (connector plug not included).
  • Warranty: To keep the warranty valid you cannot cantilever the geometric ratio weight beyond the center of gravity. All units are quoted the capacity within its deck size and must keep with a uniformly distributed load.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Small Scissor Lift - BCDL Series
Model No. Travel Cap Lbs Edge Load Static Edge Load Rolling Platform Std. Platform Max. Base Lowered Height (inches) Raised Height (inches) Approx Up Speed Motor HP Cyl. Note Price
1) BCDL-05-36 36" 500 250   18x36 30x60 18x36 7 43 13 .75 1 A $5,939.94
2) BCDL-10-36 36" 1000 500   18x36 30x60 18x36 7 43 13 .75 2 A $6,240.11
3) BCDL-15-36 36" 1500 750   18x36 30x60 18x36 7 43 26 .75 2 A $6,541.75
4) BCDL-20-36 36" 2000 1000   18x36 30x60 18x36 7 43 26 .75 3 A $6,870.16
A: *Standard platforms only. **See options. Oversized platforms, beveled toeguards, roller shades, accordion skirting and electrical tape switches will affect overall size. Power requirements depend upon frequency and type of operation and require specific selection. Portability: HLT-PORT-1 (2) retractable poly wheels and (2) wheel dolly jack.

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