Loading Dock Seals

Loading Dock Seals - Warehouse Loading Door Seal - B103 series

Beacon® B103-8x10 Series

The Loading Dock Seals includes a manual head curtain adjusted with a pulley and cord system to seal out the elements. Loading Dock Seals assist in keeping out damage-causing weather elements as well as bugs. These Warehouse Loading Door Seal units feature wrap-around style material to protect the wood and foam, breather slots, and condensation holes.
Starting at: $648.06

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Product Details

  • Construction: These models are made of treated wood and solid polyurethane foam.
  • Projection: The 10" projection models are to be used with a 4" to 6" dock bumper projection. The 20" projection models are to be used with edge of dock levelers inclusive with a 14" to 15" dock bumper projection. Special projections available.
  • Size: Units are designed to fit a door opening size of 8' wide x 10' high.
  • Installation: These units include all required mounting brackets.
  • Standard: Models come standard with beveled side pads and a safety yellow guide strip.
  • Options: These Loading Dock Seals are available with a steel mesh armor to assist in theft protection. Also available are beveled head pads and pleats to assist in preventing damage to the side pads.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Loading Dock Seals with Manual Adjustable Head Curtain - B103-8x10 Series
Model No. Door Opening (Wide x High) Size Door Seal Projection Material Type Material Thickness Price
1) B103-131-8x10-10-40 8'x10' 10" Vinyl-coated Nylon 40oz $734.58
2) B103-141-8x10-10-40 8'x10' 10" Hypalon-coated Nylon 40oz $1,371.22
3) B103-151-8x10-10-22 8'x10' 10" Vinyl-coated Nylon 22oz $648.06
4) B103-171-8x10-10-16 8'x10' 10" Neoprene-coated Nylon 16oz $796.61
5) B103-191-8x10-10-40 8'x10' 10" Neoprene-coated Nylon 40oz $1,348.36
6) B103-131-8x10-20-40 8'x10' 20" Vinyl-coated Nylon 40oz $930.47
7) B103-141-8x10-20-40 8'x10' 20" Hypalon-coated Nylon 40oz $1,428.35
8) B103-151-8x10-20-22 8'x10' 20" Vinyl-coated Nylon 22oz $840.69
9) B103-171-8x10-20-16 8'x10' 20" Neoprene-coated Nylon 16oz $1,008.82
10) B103-191-8x10-20-40 8'x10' 20" Neoprene-coated Nylon 40oz $1,366.32

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