Dock Door Shelters

Dock Door Shelters - Loading Dock Shelter - BD-750-18-24-30 series

Beacon® BD-750-18-24-30 Series

These Dock Door Shelters are designed for use on dock doors up to 10' x 10'. Includes an auto push back head and side curtain adjusted automatically as the truck backs into the dock. It assists in energy saving by sealing out the outside elements. This Loading Dock Shelter unit is designed for the truck to back into the shelter, not against it. The side and top curtains act in a wiping action against the side and top of the trailer, providing a complete seal. When the trailer is in place at the dock, access is accomplished at the rear of the trailer to facilitate loading and unloading procedures.
Starting at: $1,903.55

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Product Details

  • Construction: Heavy duty structural framework supports the top and side curtains. Structural framework is treated wood. Optional steel structural framework is available. Top hood is wood and sides are fiberglass construction. Roof slopes are at a 7-1/2 degree angle.
  • Projection: This series is available in 18", 24", 30", or 36" projection. Recommended projection is 12" beyond bumper, leveler, or point at which truck can proceed no further. Less than 12" truck trailer projection entry is not functional.
  • Installation: Installation by others. Mounting hardware for standard mounting applications is supplied with each unit. Hardware is cadmium plated.
  • Color: Standard material color is Black, other colors include grey, green and tan. A safety yellow guide strip is standard.
  • Note: All lead times are approximate and are only estimates with no guarantee to a ship date.
  • Options: Options include (1) 40 oz. neoprene coated nylon - black, (2) 40 oz. hypalon coated nylon - black (3) 40 oz. polyurethane coated nylon - black. (4) 22 oz. vinyl coated nylon. Another option is Guardian Pleat on the wear point of head curtain.
  • Materials: Standard material for Dock Door Shelters is 40 oz. vinyl coated nylon.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Dock Door Shelters with Adjustable Head Curtain & Structural Frame - BD-750-18-24-30 Series
Model No. Projection Frame Type Coating Price
1) BD-750-18-W 18" Wood 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $1,903.55
2) BD-750-24-W 24" Wood 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $2,019.62
3) BD-750-30-W 30" Wood 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $2,135.69
4) BD-750-36-W 36" Wood 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $2,251.76
5) BD-750-18-S 18" Steel 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $2,971.39
6) BD-750-24-S 24" Steel 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $3,203.53
7) BD-750-30-S 30" Steel 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $3,435.67
8) BD-750-36-S 36" Steel 40 oz. Vinyl-coated Nylon $3,621.38

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