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Industrial Hand Rails System

Steel pipe railing

Industrial Hand Rails

When a worker is injured on the job, it can cost more than the employee’s good health. It costs the company in lost work time, larger insurance rates, compensation premiums and can even risk possible lawsuits. Even just a single accident can have far ranging and harmful effects on your business. When you invest the time and money into making safety products a part of an operational plan, you can develop a trustful relationship with your employees. In turn, this can have positive influences on obstacles that a number of businesses deal with, such as truancy and employee resentment. Safe workers tend to respond to these changes by working harder, displaying pride in their work and remaining loyal to the company. Promoting safety sets off a chain reaction that will lead to producing better products, boosted sales and higher profit margins.

Types of Safety Products

As of September of 2013, the number one most cited standard in OSHA inspections was a worksite’s inadequate amount of fall protection equipment. It requires all employers to set up a work place to prevent personnel from falling from overhead platforms, elevated work stations, or into holes in floors and walls. The easiest way to comply with these standards is the installation of a railing system. Railing systems can be constructed from steel, aluminum, plastic, or even stainless steel depending on their intended purpose.

While a Safety Railing system does assist in protecting workers from drop-offs, uneven walkways or other hazardous areas, some can be employed for crowd control during large events or for directing lines inside restaurants, banks, hospitals or schools. These are often portable and easy to carry for flexible rearrangement.

The Beacon BSQ series handrail systems is commonly used to promote safety by preventing access to dangerous areas or heavy machinery. It can be optioned with varying heights of toeboards, bumpers, end caps and sliding gates for additional safety features.

Portable Pyramid Sign Bases

Portable Sign Stand

Warning employees, visitors, drivers and even pedestrians of potential hazards is an important aspect of work site safety. Posting safety signs is quick, inexpensive move that can drastically reduce harmful accidents by properly communicating danger or the need for caution in certain areas. Safety signs can be posted on the walls of workstations, at loading dock entrances and parking lots. A mobile sign stand can be moved to display a warning anywhere. Pyramid sign bases have removable posts that can be filled with water, sand or concrete for additional stability.

Employing safety products in your workplace or business not only enables you the opportunity to meet your legal responsibility for the welfare of your employees, but to also be proactive in managing every aspect of your company’s operations.