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Used in assembly lines, production houses and a wide variety of other industrial and commercial applications, hydraulic scissor lifts are the workhorses of many operations involved modern materials handling. Continue reading

Ground Lift and Tilt Tables May Reduce Back Injuries

Beacon Industries, Inc. a material handling Equipment Company presents Ground Lift and Tilt that can be utilized in a company that has 6 business segments, including pet care, chocolate, chewing gum, food, drinks, and symbioscience.  Event ID: BE-8185

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Lift and Tilt Table for a Healthy Workplace

Industrial workplace duties result in back injuries occur millions of times each year. Not to mention the employee’s pain and suffering, Companies experience millions of dollars from health care costs; absenteeism from injuries and workman’s compensation claims. Injuries often occur suddenly from a single lift of heavy items. Or others develop over an extended period of time from repetitive stress injuries resulting in cumulative trauma disorders. These repetitive stress injuries to the back result from a common cause of the worker holding ones arms extended away from their body with weight bearing products in them. Very clearly, much industrial equipment that is key to lowering the risk of employee back injury either reduces the amount of heavy lifting that a worker may do or allows an employee to work with his arms held closer to his body. Please take a few moments to read the following article about the lift and tilt scissor table, a valuable piece of industrial equipment prevents many back injuries daily.

The ground lift and tilt works to prevent back injuries in two ways. Firstly, this industrial lift and tilt table frees workers from heavy-lifting tasks that can cause the sudden back injuries. Secondly, this scissor lift table, which also works as a product tilter, rotates work items so that they are within easier reach of the worker, thus helping to prevent repetitive-stress-caused back injuries. These ground lift and tilt, whose design features interlocking legs and motorized power, are material handling equipment that raises loads weighing up to 4,000 pounds. Raising work items to the proper height for the worker not only frees the employee from potentially injury-causing, heavy-lifting tasks, it also helps him to be more productive because he’s able to perform his job more quickly when his work items are situated at exactly the proper level for his height.

These ground lift and tilt tables also rotate work items up to 45 degrees so that they can be reached by the employee without undue repetitive strain being placed on his arms and back. This tilting of work items to the proper ergonomic position for the worker also reduces the employee’s fatigue, helping him to perform his tasks with optimum efficiency. Also known as product tilters or product rotators, top-quality lift and tilt scissor tables also feature a restraining chain that keeps work items in place during the tilting movement. In addition, the best-made scissor lift and product rotator models also come with electric toe guards, which protect the worker from the equipment’s pinch points while the table is being lowered.

The ground lift and tilt function of bringing the work to the optimum ergonomic position for the worker is accomplished via simple push-button control. Within a matter of seconds, the employee directs the table to lift and then tilt heavy work objects until they are brought within easy reach. There is no undue bending or over-reaching. This lack of injury-causing strain placed on the worker’s body helps facilitate maximum employee comfort. This helps to increase employee morale, which works to further raise a company’s overall productivity level. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.