Material Handling Equipment Supplies

Steel Scissor Lift

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Lift Table

Value added for standard or design to build core products is Beacon’s main business model in the material handling industry  Beacon provides some of the widest selections of standard and sophisticated products on the market today, working and supplying some of the latest material handling solutions in major industry circles. 

Working with many worldwide governments and Fortune 500 companies, the Beacon brand is one of the industry leaders today in material handling equipment line. Beacon provides products and technology proven to be tested over time for reliability, performance including warranty.

Beacon’s value added assistance to the customer’s engineering team allows you to make the best product selection when designing work stations, assembly line and work space procedures. From hydraulic dock levelers to scissor lifts, to name a few, we offer the latest material handling equipment to work effectively in regards to safety, performance and productivity. With experience in the chemical, construction, utility and manufacturing industries, Beacon makes available products for a wide variety of industrial, commercial or government projects.

We can also assist building architect specifiers in selecting the appropriate equipment for your building plans. When the bidding process begins, Beacon is available to work with prospective contractors and provide answers regarding equipment technical parameter data, specifications, size, installation procedures, electrical hook up, hydraulic connections, pricing and delivery schedules. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss owner’s manuals that include schematics and hydraulic flow diagrams. These will provide the bidding contractor assistance in an all-inclusive detail of the bid package for the equipment utilized.

Steel Dock Leveler

Hinged Dock Leveler

Electrical and hydraulic information is available during the specification planning stage for your project.  Our database is inclusive with worldwide electrical requirements in both volts and hertz.  When designing your construction building project or engineering program, a Beacon team member can be available to discuss and assist with product selection for your specific application.

After delivery of your product, our company can offer continental-wide equipment installation in select areas or phone-assisted support for international installation. At Beacon, your business is more than just a product purchase from you the customer, it comes with expertise and assistance in an all-inclusive detailed package for material handling equipment supplies from start to finish for your job location.