Air Bag Dock Leveler vs Mechanical Dock Leveler

Beacon now offers the air bag leveler to be competitive on the market today. BXA Air Bag Dock Levelers offers some of the same advantages as the spring actuated mechanical dock levelers but with a cost savings.  Both units offer a single action to initialize the leveler. The Air Bag Leveler utilizes a BXA-Air-Bag-Levelerrotary switch and the mechanical leveler offers a pull chain from the deck. At time of activation both deck units move up and the lip kicks out toward the truck bed. At full cycle height the deck and lip descends down to the truck bed for loading and unloading procedures. Capacities are available starting at 25,000 lbs. Sizes range from 6′ to 7′ wide and 6′ to 8′ long.  The Air Bag Levelers utilizes a motor and air bag as opposed to the mechanical leveler utilizes springs to engage the leveler. Both units are reliable, using a rotary switch or pull chain is your choice of dock operation.