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One of the biggest and most common obstacles to outdoor job sites is the weather. Construction and mining operations can have their schedules completely dictated by storms and other inclement weather. What some employers don’t realize is that these types of weather also have effects on the performance of indoor workers as well. In a 2007 CareerBuilder study on worker productivity, 10 percent of employees said they tend to be less productive on days with gloomy weather, with rain being the most debilitating of weather conditions. Workers from the north and northeast are more likely to call in sick due to weather compared to those who live and work in southern regions that usually maintain a warmer climate.

Employee comfort levels have profound impact on elevating moods, which in turn leads to more efficient, high quality work. A distracted, dissatisfied worker will not be as effective an asset as one who is happy and well taken care of. Although maintaining an internal factory work temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit is a good rule of thumb, the optimal temperature for your worksite can vary. Listening to employee feedback will better help the process of narrowing down what kind of solution you may need.

For facilities and warehouses located in colder environments, electric industrial shop heaters can eliminate the chill from inside buildings or cast a warm glow on key areas that require extra heat. A wide range of sizes, as well as power and heat source options, make Beacon shop heaters an easy fit for any application.

Types of Heaters

Mobile Infrared Heater

Infrared Heat Panel

A commonly used source of heat, infrared radiation is used to warm objects and people instead of air volume. It can be implemented for a number of uses, from heating saunas, de-icing the wings of aircraft and to cure coatings and laminates. Mobile infrared heaters can be placed or horizontally or vertically and put into position by a rolling cart. Fixed models can be hung from the ceiling or mounted onto a surface for more permanent heating setup. A durable steel design with a weather tight terminal box makes these units perfectly suitable for rugged indoor and outdoor use.

An electric spot heater is a lightweight, handheld heater model with a built-in carrying handle for incredible portability. These are ideal for small work areas and offices with limited space. Multiple fan and heat settings give employees the ability to tweak conditions to their liking.

Portable Work Heater

Although they often provide a welcome comfort, heaters can be dangerous if not properly monitored and maintained. Out of all house fires caused by heating devices, space heaters accounted for 82 percent of all fatalities according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Designed as a safer alternative to propane and kerosene heaters, the Beacon BPES series electric portable work heater operates without odor and has properly housed internal heating elements. These units come with an adjustable thermostat that can be changed between 40 and 100 degrees, in addition to a fan-only option. A steel cart that houses the fan is equipped with 10 inch high wheels for quick positioning and use. All of these features make it a simple and easily integrated heating solution for your work space.