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Portable Scissor Lifts Transport Heavy Objects

Beacon Industries, Inc. a material handling Equipment Company is proud to present a line of  portable scissor lifts, that provided equipment enabling the workers involved in a leading business, associated with power generation, power distribution, automation, control and electrical.

Portable Scissor Lift Table in the Up Position

Portable Scissor Lift Table In The Up Position

Previously industrial work tables did not offer adjustment and lead to tables being purchased at a fixed height for the typical worker. Unfortunately if one table height is purchased a problem can exist since all workers are different heights resulting in different arm reach and visual point of eye sight.  The fixed table height requires the worker to adjust rather than the table adjusting to the worker. Since the worker is required to adjust to the fixed height industrial work table, a result is a non-user friendly work station.

A fixed table work height that does not meet the required worker height maximum geometry requirements limits the production from the worker. The end result is a compromised performance from the worker with limited results. Innovation and universalization of scissor lifts radically enabled workers to execute their assigned tasks in a more efficient manner with the result of greater accuracy than in the past. I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to study our short summary of a highly popular type of scissor lift; the portable scissor lift table. These moments will reveal to you how a portable lift table could easily increase a rise in the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of your production plant.

Portable Scissor Lift Table in the Down Position

Portable Scissor Lift Table in the Down Position

One of the most employed piece of material handling equipment in modern industrial factories is the scissor lift. These portable scissor lifts are in very extensive use and  have intensely amplified the productivity levels of many diverse forms of businesses with tasks requiring lifting and positioning of  heavy items. The portable lift table is now a crucial piece of equipment for a great many industrial businesses. Simply put, the key reason for this is its portability which makes it more versatile than permanently installed scissor lifts; ultimately their portability fundamentally enables the  work place to function with augmented efficiency. When the work within the facility, for good reasons cannot be brought to the permanently mounted scissor lift table location, then portable scissor lifts tables can be transported to the location of the work location. Note: The portable scissor lift table, must be in the lowered position when transferring the load from one location to another and then raised to its desired working height after it reaches its work station location

Portable scissor lift tables are assembled manufactured from steel. The steel gauge and thickness of the leg set and table top deck is designed and engineered for its specific rated capacity and duty cycle. These tables come in a variety of diverse load capacities along with a number of different varieties for raised and lowered heights. As with considering the acquisition of many types of industrial equipment, factory and business managers should review their facilities’ core standards for a portable scissor lift prior to making the purchase. Such as, what is the maximum load that you can forecast your scissor lift being tasked to raise? What is the maximum height that you can predict it will ever be required to reach? Most certainly a severe purchasing mistake would be ordering a portable scissor lift model that is deficient in the lifting capacity or a raised maximum raised height required by your facility’s tasks.

Most assuredly portable scissor lift tables, apart from empowering a facility to operate in a more efficient manner, are also the most significant for ergonomics. Scissor lifts are key industrial safety equipment by decreasing occurrences of worker strain and injury due to manual heavy lifting. They considerably reduce occurrences of abrupt back or neck injury, along with lifting-related injuries that can develop over time such as repetitive stress injuries. Now that you know the key injury-reducing aspect, portable scissor lifts, in addition to making a factory or plant more efficient,  significantly causes a drop in work related medical costs as well as the workman’s compensation claims due to lifting-related injuries. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.