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Bear Claw Cranes are designed for material handling for light to medium applications.

Bear Claw Gantry Cranes Lifting


Overhead Gantry Crane

Portable Steel Gantry Crane

Material handling is a crucial factor in any industry that depends on a reliable and consistent supply chain. Along with analyzing facility layouts, warehousing systems and distribution centers, material handling is an area where there is a constant stride towards optimum efficiency. According to the National Mine Health and Safety Academy, manual material handling injuries account for 35 percent of all mining injuries at surface job sites. While most of these rarely result in fatalities, they do cause loss of workdays and productivity. The introduction of material handling systems heavily mitigates these risks and even enhances the flow of product production.

Gantry cranes lift heavy, bulk items by a hoist fitted to an overhead trolley. Depending on if the crane is fixed or portable, the material can then be relocated by rail or wheels attached to the upright legs that support the unit. They can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from massive cranes to reorganize shipping containers in a bustling port city, to one man models typically found in the loading and unloading areas of industrial work sites. Not only are these smaller versions more economical and flexible than permanent cranes, they take the strain off of workers who might otherwise be subject to crippling injuries from the continued lifting of weighty objects.


Bear Claw Gantry Crane

Aluminum Gantry Crane

Types of Gantry Cranes

The Bear Claw gantry crane can be manufactured with a steel or aluminum frame depending on its designated function. Steel cranes are solidly constructed to handle heavier cargo and provide years of service while aluminum gantry cranes, on the other hand, are lighter, easily movable and more ergonomic for the worker. The corrosion resistant frame also makes it ideal for outdoor use. A portable gantry crane features large diameter locking phenolic casters with roller bearings that facilitate easy movement from one end of a workshop to another.

A number of accessories are available to businesses looking to tailor the perfect portable gantry crane setup according to their needs. Manual hoist systems are more portable, lightweight and compact in design to permit them to be installed within confined areas. Forged from high quality steel, this unit is made to survive a number of industrial applications. Electric hoists simplify the lifting process, using an 115V, 1 phase power supply to lift up to 4,000 pounds at the touch of a button. This can be combined with a Festoon system to keep power cords out of harm’s way. A lever ratchet can also be optioned so that workers can alter the height of the crane to fit their needs, as well as an adjustable span for further customization.

Reducing the chances of worker injury and maintaining workflow efficiency with one easy to implement solution is a dream for any company. Whether used at a stand-alone site or across a system of warehouses and facilities, it is a dream that can certainly be made real with the use of Bear Claw brand gantry cranes lifting.