Ground Lift and Tilt

Ground Lift and Tilt - Industrial Ground Tilting - BZLTT Series

Beacon® BZLTT Series

The accessible Ground Lift and Tilt is designed to lift items to an ergonomically proper position and then tilt them to lessen worker bending. Items can be loaded and unloaded from this Industrial Ground Tilting unit using a standard hand pallet truck. No pit mounting is required.
Starting at: $6,833.20

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Product Details

  • Construction: Electric pinch point guards on front of platform protect personnel. Steel shrouds protect personnel from hazardous pinch points. Vinyl flap safety feature on entry side.
  • Size: This series is available in the following platform sizes: 44" wide x 52" high, 52" wide x 52" high, 44" wide x 72" high and 52" wide x 72" high.
  • Service Range: This unit has a lowered height of 1/2" and comes with raised heights of either 36" or 48".
  • Operating Range: Forty Five degree maximum tilt.
  • Electrical: 460 V AC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz is Standard with the Ground Lift and Tilt units. (Optional electrical changes are available including Voltage, Phase and Hertz at an additional charge).
  • Powered: Upper travel limit switches for lift and tilt features. Brass velocity fuses in cylinders prevent drop of table in case of hydraulic failure. Optional Air (Rotary Air/Oil or Reciprocating Air/Oil) is available at an additional charge.
  • Weight: The unit is available in a variety of weights ranging from 2,121 to 3,129 lbs.
  • Note: The raised height of this unit is identified and noted when the platform is in the level position.
  • Operation: Fused, 24 V, Nema-4 hand control with four buttons.
  • Capacity: Available with capacities of 2,000 or 4,000 lbs.
  • Options: A foot control with guard, warning beeper and electric toe guard on load/unload side is available as an option on the Ground Lift and Tilt.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Ground Lift and Tilt - BZLTT Series
Model No. Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Lowered Height Raised Height Overall Size (W x L) Price
1) BZLTT-4452-1-36 44"x52" 1,000 ½" 36" 68¾"x59¾"x24" $6,833.20
2) BZLTT-4452-2-36 44"x52" 2,000 ½" 36" 68¾"x59¾"x24" $7,174.23
3) BZLTT-4452-4-36 44"x52" 4,000 ½" 36" 68¾"x59¾"x24" $8,685.83
4) BZLTT-5252-1-36 52"x52" 1,000 ½" 36" 76¾"x59¾"x24" $6,994.84
5) BZLTT-5252-2-36 52"x52" 2,000 ½" 36" 76¾"x59¾"x24" $7,334.73
6) BZLTT-5252-4-36 52"x52" 4,000 ½" 36" 76¾"x59¾"x24" $8,849.08
7) BZLTT-4472-1-48 44"x72" 1,000 ½" 48" 68¾"x78"x24" $7,473.71
8) BZLTT-4472-2-48 44"x72" 2,000 ½" 48" 68¾"x78"x24" $7,756.13
9) BZLTT-4472-4-48 44"x72" 4,000 ½" 48" 68¾"x78"x24" $9,701.15

Ground Lift and Tilt - BZLTT Series (continued)

Model No. Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Lowered Height Raised Height Overall Size (W x L) Price
10) BZLTT-5272-1-48 52"x72" 1,000 ½" 48" 76¾"x72"x24" $7,637.08
11) BZLTT-5272-2-48 52"x72" 2,000 ½" 48" 76¾"x72"x24" $7,918.01
12) BZLTT-5272-4-48 52"x72" 4,000 ½" 48" 76¾"x72"x24" $9,865.77
Model No. Description Price
13) BFC-4 Optional Foot Control $296.50

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