Lift Tilt Table

Lift Tilt Table - Tilting Lift Platform - BEHLTT Series

Beacon® BEHLTT Series

The heavy scope Lift Tilt Table raises work materials to an ergonomically correct height and then tilts them to within comfortable reach of the worker. This Tilting Lift Platform series is controlled via push button to maximize productivity. These units make the workplace more ergonomically sound.
Starting at: $6,358.22

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Product Details

  • Construction: The series features a 12" lip on the tilt and lift table, along with a restraining chain, which keeps the load in place during tilting.
  • Size: This series features 36" or 48" deck widths.
  • Electrical: 460 V AC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz is Standard. (Optional electrical changes are available including Voltage, Phase and Hertz at an additional charge).
  • Scope: These industrial Lift Tilt Table units raise materials to a maximum height of 47" and tilt them up to 45 degrees.
  • Operation: Depending on the model, one or two hydraulic cylinders control the scissor lift deck and tilt movement of the unit.
  • Capacities: These models have capacities ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 lbs.
  • Standard: This series is supplied with electric toe guards to protect the worker from pinch points while the table is being lowered.
  • Options: Lift Tilt Table options include skirting, air/oil power with pneumatic push button, rotary air/oil with wall-mounted push button, additional 2 or 4-button hand or foot controls, a wireless remote control, and a wash down power and control package.
  • Warranty: One year structural, hydraulics, and electrical.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Lift Tilt Table - BEHLTT Series
Model No. Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Lowered Height Raised Height Overall Size (W x L) Note Price
1) BEHLTT-3648-1-47 36"x48" 1,000 11" 47" 36"x53" A $6,358.22
2) BEHLTT-4848-1-47 48"x48" 1,000 11" 47" 48"x53" A $6,730.05
3) BEHLTT-3648-2-47 36"x48" 2,000 11" 47" 36"x53" A $7,059.18
4) BEHLTT-4848-2-47 48"x48" 2,000 11" 47" 48"x53" A $7,325.35
5) BEHLTT-3648-3-47 36"x48" 3,000 11" 47" 36"x53" A $8,045.08
6) BEHLTT-4848-3-47 48"x48" 3,000 11" 47" 48"x53" A $8,490.41

Lift Tilt Table - BEHLTT Series (continued)

Model No. Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS) Lowered Height Raised Height Overall Size (W x L) Note Price
7) BEHLTT-3648-4-47 36"x48" 4,000 11" 47" 36"x53" A $9,026.86
8) BEHLTT-4848-4-47 48"x48" 4,000 11" 47" 48"x53" A $9,648.95
A: (1) 4 Push Button, Hand Held, 24V Control - Standard. End Tilt Standard / Side Tilt Available. Call BEACON for Accordion Skirt Pricing

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