Dock Barricades

Dock Barricades - Loading Dock Barrier - BDJG-100 series

Beacon® BDJG-100 Series

Dock Barricades - Loading Dock Barrier are designed for cross traffic to assist in preventing accidents. The barricade acts as a visual aid in dock-area safety by helping to prevent forklifts from being accidentally driven off the dock edge. The unit is installed quickly by anchoring it to the floor. The electric unit is simply plugged into the building electrical outlet. These units are designed to stop a 4,000-lb. fork truck at 4 mph.
Starting at: $4,420.14

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Product Details

  • Models: Two different models are available, electric and manual. The electric operates with push button control. The manual unit is ergonomically designed to be operated by one person.
  • Construction: The BDJG-100 can be changed to a left hand operated unit by unbolting the junction box and re-routing the wires to the other side and re-bolting the junction box.
  • Size: Units are all 24" wide and are 129-7/8", 155", or 133-1/4" long. Dock Barricades overhead clearance is 149", 150", or 180", and their lowered arm height is either 28-1/2" or 28". They fit door sizes of 8' x 8' or 10' x 10'.
  • Overall Width: The base plates on electric models are 24" wide by 24" long.
  • Electrical: The electric models has a 115V AC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz as standard with 24V AC control.
  • Weight: Each barricade weighs 550, 650, or 798 lbs.
  • Operation: The electric Dock Barricades operate with push button control. The mechanical model operates as a manual winch, requiring 15 to 20 cranks to raise or lower. The rotation crank of the manual unit works efficiently for the dock worker.
  • Surcharge: Due to supply chain disruption, inflation or material shortages - tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing. Some longer lead times may be incurred. Freight charges will be added to published pricing.


Dock Barricades for 8' Wide Door - BDJG-100 Series
Model No. Door Size Operation Overhead Clearance Arm Height Lowered Overall Size (W x L) Price
1) BDJG-100 8'x8' Electric 145⅝" 28½" 24"x129⅞" $6,739.01
2) BDJG-100MW 8'x8' Mechanical 149" 32" 24"x133¼" $4,420.14
Dock Barricades for 10' Wide Door - BDJG-100-10 Series
Model No. Door Size Operation Overhead Clearance Arm Height Lowered Overall Size (W x L) Price
3) BDJG-100-10 10'x10' Electric 172⅝" 28½" 24"x155" $7,224.78

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