Overhead Door Guide

Overhead Door Guide - BODG series

Beacon® BODG Series

The Overhead Door Guide are designed to protect overhead doors from damage caused by forklifts. Models are available with just flags or deluxe models feature flags, warning sirens, and flashing lights that turn on when unit is bumped or touched. The deluxe model combines a visual and audible warning to ensure overhead doors are not damaged.
Starting at: $302.13

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Product Details

  • Construction: Units feature heavy-duty PVC construction which will not rust like other units. Units are lightweight for easy installation.
  • Size: Units are either 120" or 133" long overall.
  • Color: Overhead Door Guide are Beacon yellow and black striped.
  • Weight: 40 or 45 lbs.
  • Note: Deluxe models require two 9V lithium batteries, which are not included.
  • Standard: Overhead Door Guide include two 15' long chains which serve to hang barriers from ceiling or overhead door track.


Overhead Door Guide - BODG Series
Model No. Description Overall Length Chains Construction Batteries Price
1) BODG-121-F Economy with Flags 120" Two 15' long chains w/ quick connect PVC - $302.13
2) BODG-133-BL Deluxe with Flags, Sirens, and Flashing Lights 120" Two 15' long chains w/ quick connect PVC (2) 9V Lithium Batteries $498.41

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