Fork Truck Lifting Beam

Bear Claw® BFLB-D Series

Fork Truck Lifting Beam is a hoist and forklift accessory, including outside hooks for a more secure lifting experience. Centrally located shackle to use with the overhead hoist or forklift.
Starting at: $562.10

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Product Details

Fork Truck Lifting Beam - BFLB-D Series
Model No. Overall Size (W x L x H) Usable Fork Pocket Size (W x L) Uniform Capacity Price
1) BFLB-D-4 4⅞"x40"x17-1/16" 7"x2½" (13" centers) 4000 lbs $562.10
2) BFLB-D-6 4⅞"x40"x17-1/16" 7"x2½" (13" centers) 6000 lbs $593.88
3) BFLB-D-10 4⅞"x40"x17-1/16" 7"x2½" (13" centers) 10,000 lbs $642.19

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