Corner Tilters

Beacon® BAIR Series

The receptacle Corner Tilters enable ergonomically correct loading and unloading of bulk crates, boxes, and containers. These Air Corner Tilting units tilt up to 45 degrees and are activated by a foot pedal or a hand-operated control lever. The unit's factory-preset adjustable regulator starts rotating the container when the weight reaches about 900 lbs. The pressure can be adjusted to the weight of each application. By doing so, the air bag will automatically tilt the unit as it is unloaded, shifting the contents to the corner for easy access.
Starting at: $3,489.23

Product Details

  • Construction: The BAIR-THL and BAIR-TFP is manufactured with 7-gauge steel and the BAIR-THL-SS is Stainless Steel.
  • Size: Units have a platform size 44" wide x 44" long. The base is 71" wide x 52" deep.
  • Electrical: The internal power unit includes an hydraulic pump and control box.
  • Powered: This series is powered by an airbag.
  • Power: Factory customer air powered. Compressor for the Corner Tilters, supplied by others.
  • Weight: Each unit weighs 460 lbs.
  • Operation: Models can tilt up to 45 degrees and require at least 40 psi shop air.
  • Capacity: Each model has a 1,500-lb. capacity.
  • Options: Corner Tilters have the option of having a power vibrator. Power vibrators gently shake the titer contents to keep contents from sticking to the tilter.
  • Warranty: To keep the warranty valid you cannot cantilever the geometric ratio weight beyond the center of gravity. All units are quoted the capacity within its deck size.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Corner Tilters - BAIR Series
Model# Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS.) Operation Construction Price
1) BAIR-THL 44"x44" 1,500 Hand Lever 7-gauge steel $3,489.23
2) BAIR-TFP 44"x44" 1,500 Foot Treadle 7-gauge steel $3,547.52
Model# Description Price
3) BAIR-PVO Power Vibrator $1,243.55
Model# Platform Size (W x L) Capacity (LBS.) Operation Construction Price
4) BAIR-THL-SS 44"x44" 1,500 Hand Lever Stainless Steel $8,792.75

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