Contractor Edge of Dock

Beacon® BEDE Series

The lift hook Contractor Edge of Dock Leveler compensates for uneven heights between dock and truck. This is commonly used in trucking terminals. This unit is one of the original and most economic EOD levelers designed. The BEDE series requires approximately 80 lbs of lifting force with the hook to engage.
Starting at: $925.00

Product Details

  • Construction: This unit is constructed with a 2" distribution bar and two gussets.
  • Size: This series features deck widths of 66" and 72". All models have a span of 27-3/4".
  • Operating Range: Features 5" above and 5" below the loading dock as operating range.
  • Installation: Dock heights of 48" to 52" are required for the installation of the Contractor Edge of Dock unit to properly service a tractor trailer.
  • Note: There is no pit work required. The units simply weld to the building 8" imbedded channel or to the optional formed angle and approach plate.
  • Capacities: Models are available in capacities of 20,000 and 25,000 lbs.
  • Standard: Each Contractor Edge of Dock unit comes standard with a 15" hinged lip and dock bumpers.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


WARNING This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Contractor Edge of Dock - BEDE Series
Model# Capacity Span Overall Width Deck Width Note Price
1) BEDE-6620M 20,000 lbs. 27¾" 96" 66" A $925.00
2) BEDE-7220M 20,000 lbs. 27¾" 102" 72" A $1,008.51
3) BEDE-6625MH 25,000 lbs. 27¾" 96" 66" A $980.67
4) BEDE-7225MH 25,000 lbs. 27¾" 102" 72" A $1,049.19
A: Requires approximately 80 lbs of lifting force with the hook to engage the leveler.

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