Truck Jack Stands

Truck Jack Stands - Trailer Stabilizing Jack Stand - BLO-J series

Beacon® BLO-J Series

The Truck Jack Stands - Trailer Stabilizing Jack Stand helps keep semi-trailers from upending when separated from their tractors at the loading dock. This series meets OSHA regulations when used in combination with wheel chocks. The unit has two 10" hard rubber wheels to enable it to quickly be rolled out to a waiting semi-trailer. The BLO series is Beacon's most popular model of jack.
Starting at: $398.07

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Product Details

  • Construction: This product features heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Size: The BLO-J series is 23-9/16 long, 17-5/8" wide, and 39" tall.
  • Service Range: Beacon BLO-J model has a service range from 39" to 51." The BHI-J model has a service range from 45" to 57".
  • Color: Models are powder coated Beacon safety yellow and feature a safety reflective stripe for nighttime use. As an option, Beacon blue handles and wheel are available.
  • Weight: Models weigh between 110 lbs. and 152 lbs.
  • Operation: This unit is operated via a heavy-duty ratcheting mechanism and includes an 8" top cap. It is not recommended to use this series on an incline.
  • Capacity: Units feature static capacities from 100,000 to 125,000 and lifting capacities of either 40,000 or 50,000.
  • Options: Replacement Truck Jack Stands parts are available, call factory. Safety OSHA signs are available as an option.
  • Limited Warranty: 30 day limited warranty from date of shipment.
  • Surcharge: Due to supply chain disruption, inflation or material shortages - tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing. Some longer lead times may be incurred. Freight charges will be added to published pricing.
  • Note: OSHA 1910.178 (k) (3)- " Fixed jacks may be necessary to support a semi-trailer and prevent upending during the loading or unloading when the trailer is not coupled to a tractor."



Truck Jack Stands - BLO-J Series
Model No. Description Static Capacity (LBS) Lifting Capacity (LBS) Service Range Wheel Size & Type Price
1) BLO-J Ratchet 100,000 40,000 39" to 51" 10" Hard Rubber $398.07
2) BLO-J-100 Ratchet 100,000 50,000 39" to 51" 10" Hard Rubber $483.17
3) BLO-J-125 Ratchet 125,000 50,000 39" to 51" 10" Hard Rubber $540.41
4) BHI-J Ratchet 100,000 40,000 45" to 57" 10" Hard Rubber $457.83
5) BHI-J-100 Ratchet 100,000 50,000 45" to 57" 10" Hard Rubber $531.63

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