Industrial Curved Guard Rail

Industrial Curved Guard Rail - Radius Structure - BGR series

Beacon® BGR-CRV Series

An Industrial Curved Guard Rail is designed for use in parking garages, warehouses, distribution facilities, and factories where protection is important. The convex Radius Structure railing protects both personnel and equipment visually as well as physically. The unit can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for protecting building corners and machinery from fork truck and other vehicle damage. Tubular posts are suitable for continuous or perpendicular rail mounting. The series features a 90-degree angle that can connect with a straight guard rail.
Starting at: $344.65

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Product Details

  • Construction: Designed for exterior circumference curve protection.
  • Size: The series has a radius of 30-1/2" up to 91-1/2".
  • Overall Length: Unit length is 48" to 144". Lengths are given as a single unit. Deduct 5" for overlap when combining units.
  • Installation: Units that are 120" or 144" require 3 mounting posts. Units which are 48", 72", or 96" require only 2 mounting posts.
  • Color: These units feature a galvanized finish.
  • Weight: Units weigh between 32 and 133 lbs.
  • Note: All lead times are approximate and are only estimates with no guarantee to a ship date.
  • Capacity: This series has a 4,000-lb. crash rating at 4 MPH.
  • Options: Powder coating is available. Industrial Curved Guard Rail options include tubular and spring mounting posts, pour in place posts, end structural guard caps, anchor bolts, adjustable mounting brackets, and US D.O.T. approved mountings.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Industrial Curved Guard Rail - BGR-CRV Series
Model No. Height Length Radius Curve Mounting Posts Required Price
1) BGR-H2R-CRV-BO-4-HDG 12" 48" 30½" Convex 2 $344.65
2) BGR-H2R-CRV-BO-6-HDG 12" 72" 46" Convex 2 $428.50
3) BGR-H2R-CRV-BO-8-HDG 12" 96" 61" Convex 2 $516.38
4) BGR-H2R-CRV-BO-10-HDG 12" 120" 75½" Convex 3 $570.96
5) BGR-H2R-CRV-BO-12-HDG 12" 144" 91½" Convex 3 $630.78

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