Power Lift High Pallet Jack

Beacon® BPMC series

The Power Lift High Pallet Jack is used with skids, baskets, and other applications. This model lifts and transports materials from work place to work place. These units feature heavy duty forks to stabilize loads when lifting for ergonomic positioning.
Starting at: $3,757.00

Product Details

  • Size: The overall fork sizes for the Power Lift High Pallet Jack are 21” x 45” and 27” x 45”.
  • Service Range: These units can reach a maximum height of 31-1/2” making lifting materials easier.
  • Electrical: DC powered with a 12V battery and charger
  • Weight: These models weigh 425 lbs. and 438 lbs.
  • Usage: Unit includes stablizers to improve balance and make lifting heavy objects easier and more safe.
  • Operation: Electric hand pump includes a chrome plated piston for long lasting efficient operation.
  • Capacity: Designed with a 2,200 lbs. uniform capacity.
  • Standard: Power Lift High Pallet Jacks feature a bench top battery charger.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


Power Lift High Pallet Jack - BPMC series
Model# Fork Size (W x L) Max Height Capacity (lbs.) Battery Type Price
1) BPMC-HIPM-21-DC 21"x45" 31½" 2,200 12 Vac $3,757.00
2) BPMC-HIPM-27-DC 27"x45" 31½" 2,200 12 Vac $4,210.12

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