Drum Lifter

The Beacon® Drum Lifter is designed to securely lift drums and barrels via an overhead lifting device. These units are designed to ease the handling of heavy plastic, steel, or fiber drums.

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Beacon World Class Drum Lifting Equipment - BVDL series


Drum Lifting Equipment

Our BVDL is designed to lift and transport 55-gallon steel drums with a top lip or chime and weighing up to 1,000 lbs. This equipment is not for use with open head drums. Efficiently lift drums and barrels with this technology.
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at $170
Beacon World Class Vertical Drum Lifter - BHDDL series


Vertical Drum Lifter

The BHDDL is a heavy-duty unit designed to lift 55-gallon closed-head drums in the vertical position. Features a capacity of 1,500 and built-in fork pockets for use with fork trucks.
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at $540

Beacon World Class Barrel Lifter - BDCL series


Barrel Lifter

This BDCL enables efficient lifting and transporting of 30- or 55-gallon steel drums with an overhead lifting chain or hoist. The units are ideal for placing drums in secondary containment and salvage drums.
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starting at $121
Beacon World Class Drum Sling - BCHDL series


Drum Sling

This BCHDL features automatic mechanical operation and is ideal for positioning drums in and out of overpacks and accommodates steel, plastic, or fiber drums weighing up to 1,000 lbs.
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starting at $418

Beacon World Class Plastic Drum Lifter - BPDL series


Plastic Drum Lifter

This BPDL-800 is designed to handle 55-gallon drums. The Plastic Drum Lifter is automatic, secure, and feature a release eccentric lock making this equipment a real time saver. This item is not designed for open-head drums.
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at $620
Beacon World Class Crane Overhead Drum Lift - BFDT-22


Overhead Drum Lift

This BFDT-22 is designed to lift both 30- and 55-gallon steel drums and is available for use with either an overhead lifting device or a fork truck and can lift up to 1,500 lbs.
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starting at $167

Beacon World Class Drum Hoist - BPDL series


Drum Hoist

The BPDL is designed for use with closed-head 30- and 55-gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums with a top lip. The removable arm also functions as a wrench for use on drum plugs, faucets, and rim ring bolts.
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at $170
Beacon World Class Overhead Drum Grabber - BDRUM-GRAB series


Overhead Drum Grabber

This BDRUM-GRAB features a large lifting ring to be used with most overhead lifting devices and has a unique three-arm design to allow for drum centering.
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at $346

Beacon World Class Chain Barrel Lift - BDCS series


Chain Barrel Lift

The BDCS is designed to lift drums in the horizontal position quickly and accepts 55- and 30-gallon steel drums weighing up to 2,000 lbs. This unit is available in brass, iron, or galvanized iron construction.
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Beacon World Class Chain Drum Lifter - BCDL series


Chain Drum Lifter

This BCDL-2000 is constructed of grade 80 chain, making it OSHA and ANSI compliant. Includes a spring-loaded latch for positive drum grip on closed head steel, plastic, and fiber 30- and 55-gallon drums with top lip.
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at $95

Beacon World Class Bucket Lifter - BPCT series


Bucket Lifter

The BPCT features a 200-lb. capacity and is for use with 5, 6, and 6-1/2 gallon pails and buckets. Features an adjustable upper bail and allows for the controlled emptying of pail contents.
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starting at $498

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