Air Curtain

Air Curtain - BACURT series

Beacon® BACURT Series

The Air Curtain helps reduce energy loss as well as the loss of cold air through warehouse doors and entry doorways. These units are also useful in maintaining a clean environment and reducing the amount of outside particles getting inside.
Starting at: $3,502.59

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Product Details

  • Construction: Units feature 20 gauge rigid steel cabinets.
  • Size: Models are available to fit doors up to 120" wide and 12' high.
  • Power: This series is powered by a 3/4 HP heavy duty, PSC, direct drive motor that is signed for use with SCR controllers. Motors feature thermal overload protection and a long life. CFM ranges from 819 to 2544 on low and from 2672 to 9955 on high.
  • Color: This Air Curtain series features a beige baked-on epoxy powder coat paint.
  • Weight: Units weigh from 77 to 239 lbs.
  • Standard: An SCR controller with low end adjustment for air volume control and energy savings is included with all compatible units.
  • Options: Contact Beacon about heating options for the Air Curtain BACURT series.
  • Surcharge: Due to supply chain disruption, inflation or material shortages - tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing. Some longer lead times may be incurred. Freight charges will be added to published pricing.


Air Curtain - BACURT Series
Model No. Doorway Size (W x H) Overall Size (W x D x H) CFM High CFM Low Motor HP Voltage Price
1) BACURT-36 36"x12' 36"x13"x16" 2672 819 ¾ 115V $3,502.59
2) BACURT-48 48"x12' 48"x13"x16" 4611 906 ¾ 115V $3,782.96
3) BACURT-60 60"x12' 60"x13"x16" 5763 1126 ¾ 115V $4,072.81
4) BACURT-72 72"x12' 72"x13"x16" 5344 1638 ¾ 115V $7,005.19
5) BACURT-96 96"x12' 96"x13"x16" 9222 1812 ¾ 115V $7,565.93
6) BACURT-108 108"x12' 108"x13"x16" 8016 2457 ¾ 115V $10,507.78
7) BACURT-120 120"x12' 120"x13"x16" 9955 2544 ¾ 115V $10,788.15

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