Pallet Rack Guard

Pallet Rack Guard - BHDPRG-42 Series

Beacon® BHDPRG series

This Pallet Rack Guard is used to protect racks or other capital equipment from becoming damaged
Starting at: $306.23

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Product Details

  • Construction: Pallet Rack Guards are manufactured out of heavy duty steel for safety control.
  • Size: The overall height of the unit is 42”
  • Overall Width: Features a 42” wide frame structure.
  • Installation: Engineered to be anchored to the floor to ensure maximum protection.
  • Color: Baked-in powdered coated yellow for easy visibility and durability.
  • Weight: This heavy duty unit weighs 98 lbs. to ensure protection.
  • Standard: Pallet Rack Guards come standard with offset base plates to allow for closer placement to pallet rack legs.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


Pallet Rack Guard - BHDPRG series
Model No. Width Height Price
1) BHDPRG-42 42" 42" $306.23
Pallet Rack Guard - BAS series - OPTION
Model No. Description Price
2) BAS-344 OPTION-Anchor Bolts for Concrete (1) ¾"x4" $5.04
3) BAS-344-4PK OPTION-Anchor Bolts for Concrete (4) ¾"x4" $20.15

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