Guard Rail

Beacon® Guard Rail is designed for warehouses, parking garages, distribution facilities, warehouses and manufacturing plants where protection is a concern. Several different types of Safety Guard designs are available including bolt on and drop in place. The posts are available as pour in place or bolt on to concrete surface. Please check your rated speed requirement when selecting the correct guard rail system. Utilized indoors or outdoors, designed for protecting building corners and machinery from fork truck and other vehicle damage. Beacon carries both a curved and a straight Safety Guard collection. Tubular posts are available for continuous or perpendicular rail mounting.

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Beacon World Class Safety Guard Rails - BGR series


Safety Guard Rails

The BGR is ideal for protecting corners of buildings, equipment, office buildings, and machinery from fork truck damage and is ideal for parking garages. These models can be installed inside or outside.
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Beacon World Class Industrial Safety Guard - BGR series


Industrial Safety Guard

These BGR-PC-YEL assemblies are designed to protect both equipment and personnel both visually and physically. Models may be used indoors and outdoors and are available in 48", 72", 96", 120", and 144" lengths.
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Beacon World Class Industrial Curved Guard Rail - BGR series


Industrial Curved Guard Rail

This BGR-CRV helps prevent equipment damage from moving vehicles and the length ranges from 48" to 144". The curved radius ranges from 30-1/2" up to 91-1/2".
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Beacon World Class Guardrail Systems - BST series


Guardrail Systems

This BST-GR protects both equipment and personnel and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Units are 8” high and available up to 144” long.
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Beacon World Class Warehouse Guard Rails - BYGR series


Warehouse Guard Rails

Our BYGR is available in drop-in or bolt-on styles with a yellow powder coat or galvanized finish. Units are excellent at protecting inventory, equipment, and personnel from damage and injuries.
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Beacon World Class Industrial Guardrail - BARMG series


Industrial Guardrail

This BARMG features a slide-in design with a variable length range and is adjustable from 62" wide to 108" wide and are 24" high. These units are powder-coated yellow.
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