Ergonomic Desk

Beacon® BWT Series

Ergonomic Desk is designed to bring work materials to optimum ergonomic position, making workers more comfortable and helping to provide a more productive workplace. These Portable Work Table models feature manually adjustable platform height and tilt angle, except for BWT-2424-LA, which is an electric model. Each unit features four 3-1/2" x 1-1/4" polyurethane swivel casters (two of which are double locking), which enable each unit to be transported from one workstation to another while loaded.
Starting at: $301.65

Product Details

  • Construction: Features all steel construction.
  • Size: This product is available in 3 platform sizes: 16" wide x 24" long, 22" wide x 21" long, and 24" wide x 24" long.
  • Service Range: This series is available with service ranges of 28" to 38" and 31-1/2" to 42".
  • Weight: The units are available in various weights ranging from 60 to 135 lbs.
  • Capacity: These Ergonomic Desk models come with capacities of 150, 200, or 300 lbs.


Ergonomic Desk - BWT Series
Model# Platform Size (W x L) Raised Height Lowered Height Capacity (LBS.) Degree of Tilt Operation Note Price
1) BWT-2424 24"x24" 42" 31½" 300 30 Hand Crank A $664.94
2) BWT-2221 22"x21" 38" 28" 15 45 Snap Buttons A $301.65
A: Lip height is 3"

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