Die Table

Die Table - Mobile Work Table - BDIE Series

Beacon® BDIE Series

The Die Table - Mobile Work Table is designed to move dies from one location to a work station. By utilizing these units, they will provide safe movement protecting your investment. These units are used for ergonomic positioning to reduce injuries and trama in the machine stop.
Starting at: $1,157.90

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Product Details

  • Construction: These units are manufactured from heavy duty welded steel construction.
  • Projection: All Die Table units inclue a small frame size to allow the frame to move close to the workstation edge, allowing access to hard to reach areas.
  • Size: All platoform sizes are 24" x 30". Service range varies on different units ranging from 24" lowered height to 60-3/4" raised height.
  • Powered: All units are activacted by manual foot pump except the BDIE-2430-DC-C is supplied by one (1) 12 VDC battery for easy powered operation.
  • Power: Units are powered by Hydraulic Cylinders.
  • Color: Blue frame. The suffix "C" represents chrome table top platform.
  • Operation: Die Table units features two (2) ridgid and two (2) swivel casters allowing movement and a side brake for stabilizing.
  • Capacity: All units have a capacity of 2,000 lbs evenly distributed.

Die Table - BDIE Series
Model No. Platform Size (W x L) Lowered Height Raised Height Capacity (LBS) Power Activation Price
1) BDIE-2430-36 24"x30" 24" 36" 2,000 Foot Pump $1,193.33
2) BDIE-2430-48 24"x30" 30" 48" 2,000 Foot Pump $1,312.83
3) BDIE-2430-60 24"x30" 36" 60" 2,000 Foot Pump $1,356.71
4) BDIE-2430-36-C 24"x30" 24½" 36" 2,000 Foot Pump $1,157.90
5) BDIE-2430-48-C 24"x30" 30½" 48" 2,000 Foot Pump $1,285.87
6) BDIE-2430-60-C 24"x30" 36½" 60¾" 2,000 Foot Pump $1,316.43
7) BDIE-2430-DC-C 24"x30" 24" 51" 2,000 DC Powered $3,616.59

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