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Truck Restraints

Beacon® Truck Restraints will help keep loading docks safe by reducing the chance for accidents. Superior design and reliability provides a check and balance system at your loading dock. The vehicle restraint is designed to keep trucks and trailers from prematurely pulling away from docks. The units are available as manual or a push button control electric hydraulic type and can help to eliminate trailer creep, which can be hazardous to loading crews. It is always safer to use wheel chocks in orchestration with truck restraint locking systems. Please refer to OSHA 1910.178(k)(1) Fixed jacks many be necessary to support a semitrailer during loading or unloading when the trailer is not coupled to a tractor. OSHA Subject: 29 CFR 1910.178(k)(1) and (m)(7): Mechanical Means to Secure Trucks or Trailers to a Loading Dock.

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Trailer Restraints

This BMVR-105 includes push rod activation. Rugged in design with 50,000 lbs. of restraint draw pull, this unit is built to assist in preventing unscheduled truck departure from the loading dock. Optional traffic signal dock lights inside and outside. Driver warning signs are standard for inside and outside.
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Dock Restraint

This BEVR-650 includes 115 Vac, push button control. 50,000 lbs of restraint draw pull. Prevents in assisting premature truck departure at the dock. Standard as part of the package includes a featured Nema 12 push button control box with traffic dock lights for inside and outside. Driver warning standard.
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