Drum Crusher

The Beacon® Drum Crusher is available in a variety of models in order to crush drums in warehouses or offsite. The gas powered Hydraulic Drum Crusher provides versatility and heavy-duty crushing power. The Oil Filter Crushers and Aerosol Can Crushers allows businesses to remain environmentally friendly by crushing and recycling otherwise hazardous items. The Industrial Trash Compactors makes the most of drum space by compressing drum contents with up to 7,000 lbs. of force.

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Beacon World Class Drum Compactor - BHDC series


Drum Compactor

Our BHDC crushes steel drums up to 55 gallons and resets automatically. The unit features over 38,000 lbs. of crushing force and can also compact contents of 55-gallon drums.
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starting at $11,015
Beacon World Class Hydraulic Drum Crusher - BHDC series


Hydraulic Drum Crusher

The BHDC-GPT is an excellent option for efficient drum crushing. The gas-powered unit features a built-in trailer, an 18 HP engine, and hydraulic reservoir.
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at $20,955

Beacon World Class Pail Crusher - BHPC series


Pail Crusher

This BHPC-400 includes pressure relief valve, door interlock, 10,000 lbs. of crushing power, hydraulic pump, emergency stop button, removable legs, and a 120 V single phase motor. The unit crushes steel pails quickly and efficiently.
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at $3,386
Beacon World Class Industrial Trash Compactor - BMTC series


Industrial Trash Compactor

This BMTC is used to compact the contents of either 30 or 55 gallon drums. The unit can generate up to 7,000 lbs. of compacting force and is portable with tilt and roll wheels.
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starting at $974

Beacon World Class Oil Filter Crusher - BCM series


Oil Filter Crusher

The BCM is available in two models: high-volume and heavy-duty. The unit is either air-powered or electric-hydraulic powered and can provide 13,000 or 37,500 lbs. of crushing force.
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starting at $2,967
Beacon World Class Oil Filter Compactor - BOFC series


Oil Filter Compactor

The BOFC can be used to greatly reduce both storage space and filter disposal costs. The system crushes filters to 20% of the original size and removes 95% of oil. Units also crush 1-gallon cans.
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at $1,104

Beacon World Class Aerosol Can Crusher - BCAN-RECY


Aerosol Can Crusher

Our BCAN-RECY turns aerosol cans into scrap metal while emptying can contents into your drum. The unit is a complete system featuring safety goggles, puncturing device, OSHA anti-static wire, and carbon filter.
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at $853

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