Tripod Hoist

Bear Claw® BTRI Series

The Tripod Hoist - Tripod Lift is great for usability for tight areas or confined spaces. The legs can be adjusted independently to enable the use on an uneven surface. Adjustments are in 6 inch increments.
Starting at: $1,040.76

Product Details

  • Construction: The units are available in steel or aluminum construction.
  • Installation: Two different types of feet, smooth or spiked are available for this unit. For portability and storage the unit conveniently folds.
  • Operation: It is the customers responsibility to verify a safe and secure footing during operating procedures.
  • Capacities: This series is available in 1,000 lb. or 2,000 lb. capacities. This Tripod Hoist is for material only and not personnel.
  • Standard: Swivel eyebolt and safety chain are standard. Chain hoist is not included as standard. Our chain hoist is only available for lifting objects and not personnel.
  • Options: These Tripod Hoist models are available with adjustable height legs or fixed height legs.

Bear Claw® Tripod Hoist - BTRI Series
Model# Legs Construction Eyelet Height Min/Max Capacity Price
1) BTRI-SA Adjustable Height Legs Steel 8'-6" to 13' 6" 2,000 LBS $1,266.95
2) BTRI-SF Fixed Height Legs Steel 8'-6" fixed 2,000 LBS $1,040.76
3) BTRI-AA Adjustable Height Legs Aluminum 8'-6" to 13' 6" 1,000 LBS $2,470.33
4) BTRI-AF Fixed Height Legs Aluminum 8'-6" fixed 1,000 LBS $2,010.49

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