Manual Skid Tilters

Manual Skid Tilters - Manual Tilt Master - BTM series

Beacon® BTM-22-M Series

The Manual Skid Tilters - Manual Tilt Master are portable units which allow the ergonomic tilting of boxes, pallets, skids, and crates with open bottoms. This allows workers to position loads to the correct ergonomic height to avoid excessive bending and reaching. Forks can tilt a full 90 degrees. The ergonomic push handle can fold down when no longer needed for better access or storage.
Starting at: $3,126.61

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Product Details

  • Size: Units feature an overall size of 25-1/4" wide x 52" long x 46" high.
  • Overall Fork Width: Forks are 6-1/2" wide x 31-1/2" long. Overall fork width is 22" with 9-1/2" between forks.
  • Lift Heights: Vertical lift height is 11-1/4". Lowered fork height is 3-1/2".
  • Color: Models are Beacon orange.
  • Weight: 413 lbs.
  • Note: This unit is for tilting only open-bottom pallets, skids, or crates.
  • Capacity: 2,200 lbs.
  • Standard: Manual Skid Tilters come standard with casters are 6" x 2" polyurethane swivel complete with brakes and foot protectors.
  • Surcharge: Due to supply chain disruption, inflation or material shortages - tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing. Some longer lead times may be incurred.

Manual Skid Tilters - BTM-22-M Series
Model No. Capacity (LBS) Vertical Lift Height Lowered Fork Height Fork Length Overall Fork Width Individual Fork Width Width Between Forks Max. Tilt Overall Size (W x L x H) Price
1) BTM-22-M 2,200 11¼" 3½" 31½" 22" 6½" 9½" 90 Degrees 25¼"x52"x46" $3,126.61

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