Liquid Storage Container Tilter

Beacon® BIBC-TLT-FPL Series

Liquid Storage Container Tilter features a self rising design as contents dispense. Allows for easy access to valve connections. Tilts IBC towards the valve for efficient dispensing when contents are getting low.
Starting at: $1,212.73

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Product Details

  • Construction: Steel construction for industrial use. Adjustable height stand allows for valve access and connections.
  • Overall Fork Width: Fork Pockets are 7" Wide x 2" High on 27" centers.
  • Installation: The legs are supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes for anchoring to the concrete surface floor. Fork lift pockets are supplied for movement into postion.
  • Scope: Self Raising Steel Intermediate Bulk Container Tilt Stand for draining fluids.
  • Usage: Designed specifically for Tilting toward the valve of the INC for dispensing fluid when low.
  • Operation: The rear of the platform rises in the drain process as the weight diminishes. When drainng, the angle increases allowing the fulid to flow out of the container.
  • Capacity: Liquid Storage Container Tilter uniform capacity is 4,400 lbs.

Liquid Storage Container Tilter - BIBC-TLT-FPL Series
Model No. Overall Size (W x L x H) Fork Pocket W x H / Center Uniform Capacity Price
1) BIBC-TLT-FPL 47"x49¼"x49¼" 7"x2" / 27" 4400 lbs $1,212.73

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