Drum Hand Truck

Drum Hand Truck - BDBT series

Beacon® BDBT-SA Series

The Drum Hand Truck with spring assist is made specifically to transport 55-gallon drums. The spring mechanism enables more efficient tilting of fully loaded drums. This series also features a removable hook bar that includes built-in bung nut wrenches. Units are specifically designed to transport steel drums (BDBT-SA-MR and -PO) or plastic drums (BDBT-P-SA-MR and BDBT-P-SA-PO).
Starting at: $399.76

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Product Details

  • Construction: Unit is constructed of heavy-duty steel and has a powder coat yellow finish.
  • Color: Drum Hand Truck models are powder-coated Beacon Yellow.
  • Weight: Models weigh between 58 and 67 lbs.
  • Standard: Drum Hand Truck units come standard with either mold-on-rubber or poly-on-steel 10" x 2-1/2" casters.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


Drum Hand Truck - BDBT-SA Series
Model No. Overall Size Wheel Type Drum Types Price
1) BDBT-SA-MR 23½"x14½"x61" Mold-On-Rubber Steel $399.76
2) BDBT-SA-PO 23½"x14½"x61" Poly-On-Steel Steel $407.89
Model No. Overall Size (W x L x H) Capacity (LBS) Wheel Type Price
3) BDBT-P-SA-MR 23½"x22"x62¼" Mold-On-Rubber Plastic $454.14
4) BDBT-P-SA-PO 23½"x22"x62¼" Poly-On-Steel Plastic $467.19

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