Rail Chock

Rail Chock - BRC-WC series

Beacon® BRC-WC Series

The Rail Chock features magnets embedded on the bottom to ensure an extra-strong grip. Stabilize the rail car wheels during loading and unloading procedures.
Starting at: $49.48

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Product Details

  • Size: The BRC-WC chock is 2 -1/4" wide x 11" long x 3 -5/8" High. The BRC-WC-Hook is 4 3/4" long x 30" high reach.
  • Color: Orange for high visibility and safety.
  • Usage: Pick up holes are included for transportation and positioning. The BRC-WC-HOOK allows to pick up the chock easier without reaching as far.
  • Materials: Manufactured with nylon grade material for a tough compound.
  • Surcharge: Due to supply chain disruption, inflation or material shortages - tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing. Some longer lead times may be incurred. Freight charges will be added to published pricing.


Rail Chock - BRC-WC Series
Model No. Length Width Height Magnets Color Price
1) BRC-WC 11" 2¼" 3⅝" 8 Orange $67.34
Model No. Length Height Price
2) BRC-WC-HOOK 4¾" 30" $49.48

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