Dock Signal Lights

Beacon® Dock Signal Lights increase both safety and efficiency in the loading dock area. Stop and go dock light units are mounted inside and outside on the dock wall at each dock door opening indicating a red and green signal to the dock worker and truck driver. These units include the traffic dock light, the traffic dock light bracket, loading traffic lights, and the dock traffic control light. Units provide a safe loading dock for both workers and drivers and can prevent premature departures which can cause injuries and freight damage.

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Beacon World Class Traffic Dock Light - TDL-1100 series


Traffic Dock Light

These TDL-1100 enables loading dock personnel to signal truck drivers for safe clearance to enter and exit loading dock areas. The unit makes the work area safer by preventing unscheduled departures.
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Beacon World Class Dock Traffic Control Light - BDTS series


Dock Traffic Control Light

This BDTS is a deluxe aluminum 60 Watt model used to safely signal to truck drivers at loading docks. The unit features a red and green light for outside, an illuminated control panel for inside, and 3 safety signs.
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Beacon World Class Loading Traffic Lights - BSG series


Loading Traffic Lights

The BSG features sturdy polypropylene construction. Single inside or outside models are available, as well as complete sets. The unit enhances dock safety with red and green lights.
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Beacon World Class Traffic Dock Light Bracket - TDL-1100-OLB series


Traffic Dock Light Bracket

The optional TDL-1100-OLB enables the outside traffic dock light to be mounted to the building frame structure. This unit is designed and patented and is constructed of heavy-duty steel.
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