Traffic Signal Dock Lights

Traffic Signal Dock Lights are supplied wth red and green LED lights.

Beacon® Traffic Signal Dock Lights

The Traffic Signal Dock Lights features red and green flashing LED lights. Designed to provide safety at the loading dock inside and outside. Designed to be wired when the inside light is green the outside light is red. At the flip of a toggle switch, the the inside light is red notifying the dock worker to stay clear of the dock and the outside light is green allowing the truck driver to depart.
Starting at: $1,212.34

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Product Details

  • Construction: Traffic Signal Dock Lights is a polyproplene housing supplied with red and green LED lights in each light box for inside and outside. Shipped assembled, ready for installation by others.
  • Projection: Built in eydbrow type sun visors above the light lense to increase visibility.
  • Size: Dimensions of each light box: 7.125" wide x 4" long x 11.75" high.
  • Electrical: 115 Vac, 1 Ph, 60 Hz. (UL and C-UL certified).
  • Powered: Watts: 7 each
  • Color: Yellow light box housing.
  • Operation: Toggle Switch located on inside master unit, wired by others to control both light boxes inside and out.
  • Standard: Traffic Signal Dock Lights BDTS-5-LED system kit includes (2) traffic signal light boxes with red and green flashing LED light in each box. (3) Loading Dock safety warning signs reading "ENTER ON GREEN LIGHT ONLY" and (1) sign reads "CHOCK YOUR WHEELS".
  • Note: Sold as a kit including (2) traffic light boxes and (4) safety warning signs.

Traffic Signal Dock Lights
Model No. Description Light Casing Light Lense Traffic Light Colors Lense Diameter Voltage: Kit Includes Price
1) BDTS-5-LED (1) One master inside light box with flasher-including toggle switch control and (1) one outside light box. Polypropylene LED Red / Green 4" 115 Vac, 1 ph (2) Two traffic light boxs and (4) safety warning signs $1,212.34

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