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Beacon® Shop Heaters help keep employees comfortable in indoor or outdoor work areas where extra heat is needed. The Commercial Electric Heater can be portable via wheels or carrying handle, or may be hung from the ceiling. Models fit many applications with their wide range of sizes and electrical options.

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Beacon World Class Portable Work Heater - BPES series


Portable Work Heater

The BPES features an adjustable thermostat from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and is designed for safety and maneuverability in the workplace.
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starting at $1,428
Beacon World Class Infrared Heater - BVFHK series


Infrared Heater

Our BVFHK is designed to provide instant, odor-free heat and features horizontal or vertical positioning on the cart to maximize the heat pattern. This unit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
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starting at $876

Beacon World Class Portable Infrared Heater - BHEAT series


Portable Infrared Heater

The BHEAT radiates heat for effective heating in all situations and have a maximum power output up to 3000 Watts and up to 6 heating elements.
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starting at $2,370
Beacon World Class Infrared Heat Panel  - BPIHP series


Infrared Heat Panel

The BPIHP is designed with medium-wave technology to cure coatings or laminates, heat shrink, or dry. The units are easily positionable with adjustable hinges and feature gold anodized aluminum reflectors and end caps for faster curing.
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starting at $2,461

Beacon World Class Quartz Infrared Heater - BVCH series


Quartz Infrared Heater

This BVCH includes bright aluminum reflector and end caps, mounting chains, S- hooks, and cordset. Available with 1500 Watts at 115V and 3000 Watts at 240V, this unit may be hung or mounted to a surface.
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starting at $304
Beacon World Class Portable Quartz Heater - BVCH-48-P series


Portable Quartz Heater

The BVCH-48-P features a stand and four 2-1/2" casters for easy portability and has 1500 Watts of power and meets OSHA standards.
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at $448

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