Semi-Automatic Stretch Machines Accessories

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Model No. Description Size (W x L x H) Use With Price
1) BSWA-50-R-4848 Approach Ramp 48"x48"x2" BSWA-50 $715.16
2) BSWA-70-R-4848 Approach Ramp 48"x48"x2" BSWA-70 $740.34
3) BSWA-R-4836 Approach Ramp for Electric Pallet Trucks 48"x36"x2¼" BSWA-48 $533.48
4) BSWA-R-4848 Approach Ramp for Manual Pallet Trucks 48"x48"x2¼" BSWA-48 $704.40
Model No. Description Size Use With Price
5) BSWA-5070LP-PMO Powered Mast 50" or 70" diameter BSWA-50 and BSWA-70 $2,821.13
6) BSWA-50-SCALE Digital Scale 50" diameter BSWA-50 $6,191.88
7) BSWA-70-SCALE Digital Scale 70" diameter BSWA-70 $7,595.86
Model No. Description Use With Price
8) BSWA-50-R-4860-SCL Approach Ramp for Scale BSWA-50 $1,031.81
9) BSWA-70-R-4860-SCL Approach Ramp for Scale BSWA-70 $1,052.87
Model No. Description Size Price
10) BSWA-FILM One Film Roll 20" Wx80 gal.x6,000'x3" core $159.81
Model No. Description Voltage Installation Price
11) BSWA-PMO-RF Powered Mast 115V / 24V hand control Retrofit-Field $3,924.95
Model No. Description Price
12) BSWA-COUNT Counter Option - Keeps track of carousel rotation $540.46
13) BSWA-INDEX Auto-Indexing, 90, 120, or 180 degrees $892.72
14) BSWA-NRTL-COMP UL-Approved Components $407.89

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