Security Gates

Beacon® Security Gates are designed to limit employee and personnel access to temporarily hazardous areas in order to prevent accidents. Warehouse Fence units are quickly rolled out and save valuable storage space when not needed.

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Beacon World Class Scissor Gates - BVSSG series


Scissor Gates

The BVSSG provides significant security at workplaces by securing overhead doors, receiving doors, and loading dock doors. These units retract quickly and are made of 15-gauge steel.
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starting at $278
Beacon World Class Expandable Gates - BALEXGATE series


Expandable Gates

This BALEXGATE is designed to set up quickly wherever they are needed. The units have a collapsed width down to 11-1/2", and expanded width up to 139", and are interlocking and nestable.
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starting at $177

Beacon World Class Folding Gates - BVXL series


Folding Gates

This BVXL is ideal for blocking equipment, personnel, and entrances. These units are lockable, with a collapsed width of 20-11/16" and an expanded width of 158-11/16".
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starting at $596

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