Safety Railing

Beacon® Safety Railing is designed for safety, security, and aesthetics and may be steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic depending on the application. Industrial Handrails are designed to help direct or block pedestrian traffic from hazardous areas, such as mezzanine drop-offs, construction sites, or unauthorized areas.

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Beacon World Class Safety Handrails - BVDKR series


Safety Handrails

Our BVDKR is designed to protect people from uneven walkways and mezzanine drop-offs. This unit is 42" high with a 21" mid-rail and available in lengths up to 96" with an outside diameter of 1-5/8".
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Beacon World Class Handrail Systems - BSQ series


Handrail Systems

The BSQ-TB is an economical way to protect people and machinery and is available with or without toeboards. The unit is 42" high with a 21" mid-rail and is available in lengths up to 120".
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Beacon World Class Crowd Control Barriers - BPRAIL series


Crowd Control Barriers

These BPRAIL is interlocking and portable. This model is 102" long x 40" high and are available with a rail diameter of 1-1/4" or 1-5/8". Each unit is available in galvanized, stainless steel, or yellow powder coat.
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Beacon World Class Pedestrain Barriers - BSSRAIL series


Pedestrain Barriers

This BSSRAIL is designed for use in restaurants, schools, offices, and indoor/outdoor events. The unit is 96" long, 42" high, and has a base diameter of 12" and includes weighted round base feet.
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Beacon World Class Mezzanine Safety Gates - BMEZZ series


Mezzanine Safety Gates

This BMEZZ provides an OSHA-required 42" high handrail, 21" mid-rail and 4" high kick plate, without sacrificing load accessibility. This unit rotates to allow pallet loading and unloading.
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Beacon World Class Indoor Personnel Barrier - BWEB series


Indoor Personnel Barrier

The BWEB & BTSB, designed to keep lines flowing smoothly, are ideal for restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, and banks where line organization is necessary. Posts or wall-mounted units available.
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Beacon World Class Chain Barricade - BPCB series


Chain Barricade

These BPCB is portable, lightweight crowd control unit designed to block people from entering restricted areas. The unit is excellent for guiding people into single-file lines.
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Beacon World Class Plastic Barricades - BPBAR series


Plastic Barricades

The BPBAR features removable legs and HDPE construction with UV stabilizers. These units have reflective tape for extra visibility, a hollow interior to fill with water, and a size of 79" long x 40" high.
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Beacon World Class A Frame Barricade - BAFB series


A Frame Barricade

The BPBOL helps to restrict access to reserved parking spots, aisles, or other unauthorized areas. The unit can be filled with water or sand for stability and is easy to assemble. A post-style is also available.
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