Road Safety Accessories

Beacon® Road Safety Accessories are designed to increase safety in parking lots, airports, construction areas, neighborhoods, hospitals, and more. Speed Bumps and Curbs are used to ensure drivers do not damage buildings, signs, light posts, or curbs.

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Beacon World Class Speed Bump - BSB series


Speed Bumps

This BSB helps control drivers in dangerous areas while protecting people and property. The unit is available 12" wide and up to 106" long and features a compression strength of 3,200 lbs. per inch and can be mounted to either asphalt or concrete.
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starting at $118
Beacon World Class Speed Hump - BRSH series


Rubber Speed Bumps

The BRSH is ideal for use in reducing speeds in areas such as parking lots, construction areas, neighborhoods, airports, and more. This model features easy installation and is removable. Units are black with embedded yellow highway safety tape.
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starting at $306

Beacon World Class Car Stop Curb - BCS series


Parking Curb

Our BCS is available in yellow, blue, gray, black, or white. The unit protects buildings, equipment, and people in parking lots and garages and features a durable construction for a long life.
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starting at $71
Beacon World Class Traffic Cone - BTC series


Traffic Cones

The BTC safety is constructed from 100% PVC for long life. This product is available with a height of up to 30-3/4" and is high-visibility orange and some models have reflective striping.
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