Fork Extension Storage Racks

Fork Extension Storage Racks - BFORK series

Beacon® BFORK Series

The Fork Extension Storage Racks are an excellent means of safeguarding fork extensions when they're not in use. This equipment allows the extensions to be added or removed without manual lifting and without the fork truck operator needing to dismount the vehicle.
Starting at: $427.81

Product Details

  • Size: This series measures 40" wide x 46" deep x 54" high. The unit's minimum fork length is 60".
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Note: Fork extensions are not included with this unit.
  • Operation: In order to use, pull the fork truck forward so that the tips of the forks are over the elevated bar. Then, lower the forks until nested in the channel in the base of the unit. Finally, reverse the fork truck out of the Fork Extension Storage Racks.


Fork Extension Storage Racks - BFORK Series
Model# Overall Size (W x D x H) Minimum Fork Length Price
1) BFORK-R-54 40"x46"x54" 60" $427.81

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