Forklift Accessories

Beacon® Forklift Accessories are designed to increase fork truck efficiency as well as safety. These units are available to fit a variety of fork widths and lengths and have many different applications, from product protection to handling specific types of products.

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Beacon World Class Forklift Carpet Pole - BCRP series


Forklift Carpet Pole

The BCRP is designed to transport rolls of carpet and is available in carriage or fork-mounted style. The unit has a pole diameter of 2-3/4" and pole lengths up to 144".
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starting at $793
Beacon World Class Forklift Coil Lifters - BCCF series


Forklift Coil Lifters

This BCCF is designed to allow the easy maneuvering of coils and are available in inverted fork mounted and class II carriage mounted styles in a variety of sizes.
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starting at $336

Beacon World Class Forklift Extension - BFE series


Forklift Extension

This BFE accommodates fork widths of 4", 5", or 6" and is available as standard, round, or triangular. Models are available in lengths from 48" up to 120" long and are welded steel construction with cast steel tips.
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starting at $262
Beacon World Class Fork Extension Storage Racks - BFORK series


Fork Extension Storage Racks

The BFORK is equipment designed for convenient storage of fork extensions and accommodate fork lengths of 60" or more.
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at $375

Beacon World Class Fork Blade Protectors - BVFP series


Fork Blade Protectors

Our BF4 helps to prevent damage to packages and goods caused by fork truck forks. Models are lightweight, easy to use, and hide unsightly scratches on forks while protecting valuable packages.
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starting at $137
Beacon World Class Fork Caddy - BFC series


Fork Caddy

The BFC allows for the safe and easy transportation of fork truck forks and features easy grip handles, swivel casters, and a lightweight design.
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at $357

Beacon World Class Fork Roller Conveyors - BRF series


Fork Roller Conveyors

The BRF features a unique rolling design to reduce loading and unloading times. These units make handling pallets, bulk sacks, corrugated bundles, and more easier to handle with fork trucks.
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starting at $8,111
Beacon World Class Forklift Pallet Canopy - BCANOPY series


Forklift Pallet Canopy

The BCANOPY keeps pallet loads from rain, snow, or sleet while the pallets are being loaded or unloaded. Models have a canopy measuring 50" wide x 60" long x 63" high.
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at $822

Beacon World Class Fork Pallet Dumper - BPAL-D/R series


Fork Pallet Dumper

The BPAL-D/R is designed to dump loaded pallets and features two retainers to hold the pallet in place while dumping the contents into a hopper or dumpster. It also includes a safety chain.
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at $681

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