Portable Drum Lift

Portable Drum Lift - Drum Lifter Rotator - BDRUM-LRT-EC series

Beacon® BDRUM-LRT-EC Series

The Portable Drum Lift - Drum Lifter Rotator is excellent for use in transporting drums to and from racks, as well as lifting and rotating them up to 180 degrees. These units feature either a clamp-style cradle (BDRUM-LRT-EC) that grips around the barrel or a steel jaw (BDRUM-LRT-ESJ) to grip to the top of the barrel. Units are designed to work with 55-gallon steel drums only. To avoid spills, barrels may be locked in the vertical position, and to drain with a faucet, drums may be locked in a horizontal position.
Starting at: $1,412.34

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Product Details

  • Construction: Units feature steel construction.
  • Size: Units are 33" wide x 53" deep x 78" high. Legs are fixed with a 26-1/2" inside straddle width.
  • Service Range: Units feature a raised height of 53".
  • Color: Portable Drum Lift units feature a Beacon yellow painted finish.
  • Weight: 450 lbs.
  • Operation: Rotation is controlled with a manual hand crank to tilt up to 180 degrees. Height is controlled with a manual foot pump.
  • Capacity: 800 lbs. capacity.
  • Standard: Portable Drum Lift units come standard with two rigid front casters, 6" x 2" and two swivel rear casters, 7" x 2". Casters feature poly-on-steel construction.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.

Portable Drum Lift - BDRUM-LRT-EC Series
Model No. Type Overall Size (W x D x H) Raised Height Capacity (LBS) Degree of Tilt For Use With Price
1) BDRUM-LRT-EC Clamp Cradle 53"x33"x78" 53" 800 180° 55-Gallon Steel Drums $1,412.34
2) BDRUM-LRT-ESJ Steel Jaw 53"x33"x78" 53" 800 180° 55-Gallon Steel Drums $1,414.74

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