Adjustable Work Platform

Adjustable Work Platform - Step Platform - BPOS series

Beacon® BPOS Series

The Adjustable Work Platform - Step Platform is designed to minimize worker fatigue and back pain and reduce the risk of cumulative trauma injuries. This series is an ergonomic, adjustable-height worker positioner. The platform height is adjusted via hand crank, which can be removed. These models utilize ACME threaded rods along with a series of gears for proper height adjustment.
Starting at: $1,212.11

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Product Details

  • Construction: The series features steel treadplate construction.
  • Size: Models are available with the following platform sizes: 36" wide x 36" long, 36" wide x 48" long, and 36" wide x 72" long.
  • Service Range: The unit has a lowered height of 3" and a raised height of 19".
  • Weight: Models are available in the following weights: 193, 220 or 283 lbs.
  • Capacity: The unit has a capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Options: An optional electric/hydraulic operation is available on the Adjustable Work Platform.
  • Surcharge: Tariffs or surcharges may apply to current published pricing.


Adjustable Work Platform - BPOS Series
Model No. Platform Size (W x L) Raised Height Lowered Height Capacity (LBS) Operation Price
1) BPOS-3636 36"x36" 19" 3" 500 Hand Crank $1,212.11
2) BPOS-3648 36"x48" 19" 3" 500 Hand Crank $1,342.74
3) BPOS-3672 36"x72" 19" 3" 500 Hand Crank $1,495.34

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